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What We Provide

We provide a one-stop solution for Air, Sea, Land transportation, e-commerce custom brokerage and cargo insurance solution to or from every part of the world.

Do you ship to and from the USA? We are providing you with a right solution. We are a fully bonded U.S. Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) Ocean Transport Intermediaries.


What We Provide ?

We provide a one-stop solution for Air, Sea, Land transportation, custom brokerage and cargo insurance solution to or from every part of the world.

Do you ship to and from the USA? We are a fully bonded Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) Ocean Transport Intermediaries.


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Our team-members possess more than 70-years of combined experience in logistics industry.

We are holding IATA Dangerous Goods and Indonesia Custom Broker (PPJK) License and well-versed with the US Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) regulations.

Accreditations and Licenses

Thank you for being at the ultimate support to get our shipments delivered fast! This wouldn’t be possible without Trans Pacific team’s support. Our most sincere appreciation for your high quality service and support. Looking forward for our cooperation for many years to come.

Alice Adinata
Director PT Adinata Melodi Kreasi. Jakarta, Indonesia

Great job! Kudos to all Trans Pacific Team for the superb efforts. We want to thank you for your excellence performance. Trans Pacific consistently in time, within the agreed and always with great attitude. We look forward to continued collaboration with your company & team.Thanks.

Head of Section Operational Export PT. GREAT GIANT PINEAPPLE

We are very satisfied with the excellent work and high quality service that Trans Pacific team has provided to our company in the past 2 years. The works and services they have provided are thorough and fast, making my team’s job easier and efficient.

Willy Hadikoesoemo
CEO Aquavue Group

We engaged with Trans Pacific for the first time on the early 2018. It was being recommended by our distributor that their services was extraordinary. We tried to use their service for our product import from Hong Kong, in which we had a long history with working relationship with other global forwarder. We just found out that we never been asked to issue any Non Dangerous Goods statement letter before which can implicate to our import and against our compliance . We were being reminded by Trans Pacific to comply and helped us to ship in the right way. So i would say transpacific really helps us to do the import the right way with the complete documents. We did have some delay on the first import with custom clearance process in Jakarta, in which us and Trans Pacific immediately assess and rectify the issues. We arranged the second more challenging shipment right after for medical devices from the United States and Hong Kong. Now everything went through smoothly and we were being upgraded to green lane status from the custom office, which is our first time since we did our first importing in 2014. It is probably because of the help and assistance from Trans Pacific to provide a complete and compliance documentation during the clearance process. All shipments afterward runs very smooth. Of course, with a few challenges here and there arise from both parties and some custom clearance issue especially for new products and import SKU, because we are a medical device company with more rigid and complicated import procedure. I am very pleased on how Trans Pacific being our partner since early 2018 and how Verdi always there to support his team on a few cases. Eventhough sometimes we are being faced with a tough custom clearance situation, it would not slow down our product delivery timing.

Arbi Munandar
Head of Finance Bausch Lomb Indonesia

Our company has been doing import since 2007 and we have changed forwarder for many times. But these few years back, we have been working with Trans Pacific as our forwarder and don't have any intention to find a new one because Trans Pacific always deliver what they promise. They also upgrade their services from time to time so they can catch up with our dynamic business rhythm. I will recommend anyone who wants to have a peaceful mind to work together with this company since we can rely on them.

Stella Komala Dewi
Director PT Indo Toys Importing Service

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